Everybody needs a hobby; it is what makes us relax and enjoy ourselves after a long day, and it is what we do over the weekends. For many people, the real enjoyment comes on Sunday, when their favorite racers come together and burn some rubber on the track. Some people even like to make their race watching experience more interesting by betting on their favorite racers just like many people bet on their favorite athletes with the William Hill bonus code. But how can dedicated racing fans keep in touch with the news from the racing world on the go? Having a designated app is a good place to start. So without further ado, here are 5 apps that will make your racing world experience that much easier.


Freader1 is a really good racing app that keeps you up-to-date on all the latest news, including information about upcoming races, racer stats, results of races that are finished, and practically anything that you can think of. You can set up a calendar that will send you a personal reminder about all upcoming races, and if you want some multimedia content, there are race highlights and stories that you can watch straight away. You really cannot go wrong with an app like Freader1.

Formula 1 app package

Formula One offers an exclusive package of apps to suit all your needs; there is an app that provides the latest racing news and live streams, there is also an app for those fans that like to get a more detailed insight into the statistics and metrics that surround every player and every race. All in all, it is a fairly extensive package that should definitely be taken into consideration.


Although fans of F1 usually dislike NASCAR and vice versa, it goes without saying that they are both incredibly popular in their own right, which is why it should come as no surprise that  NASCAR has its own mobile app that allows fans to keep track of practically everything, on the go. Just like the previous two apps, there are tons of statistics, as well as racing schedules, leaderboards – practically anything a dedicated fan needs, and more! There are video highlights, but the only thing that this app does not feature, is a live stream of current shows, so fans will have to rely on TV for that.

Other apps

Unfortunately, racing news apps are fairly niche, which means that there are not many of them that fans will choose from; smaller racing organizations, like USAC, struggle to compete with the top apps, but there are also plenty of organizations that did not even consider making an app. This may lead users to search for news the old-fashioned way – by opening their browser and looking for the news themselves. There is no way to know for sure whether your favorite racing organization has an app for its users, so looking for it might yield some very positive results.

General sports news apps

If you are still not satisfied with the offer on the Internet, you can also try downloading any sports news app, which will allow you to at least get some information about your favorite drivers and their teams. You may not get all the detailed information that you will find in some of the apps mentioned above, but you just might find enough to keep you on your toes and prepared to watch the next race.