One of the biggest pet peeves motorcycle enthusiasts face is the argument that riding one isn’t safe. People often suggest alternative hobbies, like swimming, cooking, or browsing the web to check out promotions like the 10bet Referrer Code 2021. Well, riding now is nowhere near the same as it was 50 years ago. We’ve come a long way with numerous technological and safety measures. And we are bound to go even further. Here are five ways motorcycles have become better.

Fuel Injection

This is something we have seen time and time again in cars, especially racing cars.

Fuel injection sprays the gasoline inside the chamber which allows the fuels to combust efficiently. Up until recently, such a complex system was nigh impossible. The previous system, the carburetor, was unreliable in cold weather.

So, next time you start your bike in winter, you should know why you have fewer problems doing so.

Electric Motorcycles

Sure, electric motorcycles are nothing new. However, we cannot ignore the increased range of options that regular bikes bring to the table. The electric bikes, as ecological as they are, still fare poorly in terms of battery life. However, companies like Tesla are working on the problems and we could be looking at batteries that charge fully in half an hour while being able to carry us for more than a million miles.


Here is another treat that many cars already have – the anti-lock braking system. A big problem when trying to stop a vehicle suddenly is that sometimes wheels lock into place. This doesn’t stop your vehicle but instead makes it go out of control, riding on momentum. ABS is there to make sure the braking process is gradual, giving you more control of the situation.

Semi-Active Suspension

Adjusting the full active suspension available for vehicles of 4+ wheels gave birth to the semi-active suspension the motorcycles can enjoy. The idea is to absorb as much shock as possible with the dimensions available. In other words, it ensures that the ride is as smooth as possible. No more bumpy roads for motorcycles is truly a game-changer.

Electronic Throttle

Cards on the table, on the first things some of us did when we first sat on a bike is to play with the throttle. Of course, this must be done in a safe manner, lest you end up on YouTube as a cautionary tale. This brings us to item #5 on our list: the electronic throttle control. This safety measure prevents you from accidentally making your bike accelerate. Speed change is much safer and smoother, with no nasty surprises.