F1 is a fast-paced sport with a huge number of betting markets. If you are a beginner in betting, Betway Introduction can help you make the best of your bets. Your biggest advantage is your knowledge of the sport, so if you are an F1 fan, learning the basic betting strategies won’t be a problem.

You can significantly improve your edge in F1 betting if you consider relevant factors about the race: who are the drivers, what are their stats, how successful is their team, car performance, etc. However, bettors should always count on an element of surprise too. The key to successful betting strategy is judging how likely an event is to happen based on as many relevant information as you can gather.

Here is a list of some important factors to consider when betting on F1:

Driver position

The importance of driver position depends on the track. For example, drivers on pole at Monza won 83% of the time recently, whereas in Montreal drivers qualifying on this position won only 33% of the time. The reason behind this is that some circuits are harder to overtake at: Monaco is an example. On the other hand, starting on the pole does not offer any particular advantage on circuits where it is easier to overtake, like Montreal. That is why it is a good idea to consider the value of track position before betting.


Understanding tyre performance is very important for making more accurate betting predictions. Some things to consider include the manufacturer, how they behave depending on track characteristics, team’s tyre strategy, and the driver’s style.


Always check the weather forecast on the day of the race. If the weather is sunny and warm, it won’t have much impact on the race. However, if rain is expected, you should check driver and car performances in these conditions. For example, some drivers regularly underperform in bad weather and some can handle it really well.   

Track characteristics

This is another crucial element you absolutely must consider when placing your bets, and we’ve already touched upon it above. To gain insight into the effects of track on the race outcome, you should study how various drivers and cars performed on various tracks over time.  Each track brings with it specific challenges: in addition to how easy it is to overtake opponents, some tracks put more stress on the engine, tyres, brakes, etc, putting certain car models at an advantage.

Team Strategies

Drivers don’t stand alone. There is an entire team behind them and that is why it is also important to consider team success in constructors’ championships and the strategies they employ to gain an edge over the competition.

Rule Changes

The FIA race organizers often make rule changes to make races even more exciting. Keep up to date with them, as they can hurt or benefit specific teams.

Don’t let occasional bad predictions discourage you. It is important to look at the bigger picture. If you carefully study the game, regularly watch races, analyse statistical data and read informed articles, you will definitely improve your percentage of winning bets and discover your own personal betting style.

We recommend the following websites for statistical analyses: 4mula1.ro, StatsF1.com, AutoSport.com, GPHub.com and ESPN F1.

Remember, informed decision beats gut feeling.