Formula 1, the top tier of open wheel car racing, is an interesting experience to behold, on TV or live. Live, you get to be bombarded with noise when the drivers pass by the part of the circuit you are closest to, to the point where you have to wear ear protection. The thrill can be felt every time they pass. Watching from home, you get to enjoy the comfort of your sofa or armchair, while at the same time being entertained by some of the world’s fastest and bravest people.

Formula 1 is known for fast, circuit racing. It goes without saying that there have been some exceptional corners during the history of Formula 1. Here are the most famous corners in Formula 1.

Eau Rouge – Spa-Francorchamps

Located in Belgium, this is one of the world’s most iconic Formula 1 turns. Its name means the Red Water corner, and it is one of the most exciting and dangerous corners in the sport. Even famous drivers are known to have been cited saying that you had better hold on to your heart, otherwise it might go out your throat while you are going through Eau Rouge. This corner is a blind corner and is difficult because of its angle, length and not to mention, the speed you are required to go through it, if you want to win. Overtaking someone in this corner is a feat often remembered by the masses, due to its danger.

Some people try to belittle the corner, stating that the race cars came a long way during the long years that Formula 1 has been with us, and that their aerodynamics, the quality of the tarmac, the tyres, and overall improvements in driver skills and support staff, made the corner easier. This is somewhat true, but a hard corner remains a hard corner, no matter the technological advancements and driver skill.

Becketts Corner – Silverstone Circuit

In England, Silverstone, you can find the Becketts corner, one of the more challenging corners in the world. On that circuit, is the corner to look out for, one of those which can lose you the race, or win you the race, depending on how you handle yourself. What makes this corner interesting is that most racers approach it at a speed of almost 300 km/h and they slow down to a staggering 180 km/h in order to survive the corner. Following that corner is a straight, meaning perfect execution can get you a solid lead.

Parabolica – Monza Circuit

Italy has some of the most interesting Formula 1 circuits and the Monza circuit doesn’t fail to impress. The Parabolica corner is after a straight where the cars go as fast as 330 km/h, to then drop the speed to around 200 km/h, while drifting their cars to the very edge of the tarmac. Given the massive speed drop in the corner and the long straights before and after the corner, many drivers either fail the corner or take it at mediocre speeds. 

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These are some of Formula 1’s most iconic corners. Other than these, corners like Senna S, at the Interlagos circuit, 130R at the Suzuka circuit, The Swimming Pool in Monaco and many others, are worth mentioning. Corners make or break Formula 1 races so they will always be popular and interesting.