Fans of Moto sports might agree that a bunch of them have become predictable. Formula One is not as nearly as exciting as it used to be while NASCAR requires you only the skill to steer left and finish the race by not crashing.

So the next logical step would be creating driverless cars, which is the entire premise behind Roborace. As technologies advance and the same way as, for instance, betting companies have enabled online betting like providing users with a Sportingbet promotional code, so has racing reached a new level.

It is not as rudimentary as a Terminator-like robot sitting in the cockpit driving the car, but there is a program that operates the vehicle. The programmers are the actual stars here and not the drivers. Their aim is to write a program that will in turn drive the car to its ultimate goal – the finish line.

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Autonomous Driving Technology

How to create a Robocar? The idea is simple but the actual process is very difficult. The creator of the autonomous driving vehicle, Daniel Simon, known for his work in numerous Hollywood movies, has developed a program for his self-driving car.

The Robocar uses an Nvidia Drive PX2 AI car software and combines it with other pieces of tech to help it work autonomously. In order to drive by itself, the car has been equipped with AI cameras, LIDARs, radars, optical speed sensors, ultrasonic sensors, a GNSS positioning system, and more.

The vehicle also adds a GPS system that is used for missile guidance. / CC BY (

The Season

Although not officially started, there were a couple of testing seasons that were used to see if the sport could really take over. In 2017 and 2018, there were two Formula E Season events that showed the titular robocars in its inaugural forms. These were still the early stages of development and these events were meant to showcase how the sport might look in the future.

But Season Alpha 2019 included the first event where two autonomous cars competed against each other. There were only two teams, Arrival vs. the Technical University of Munich, and the events showcased the new DevBot 2.0, the latest vehicle that is aimed for Roboracing.

The inaugural event was held at the Monteblnaco circuit in Spain but was sadly not broadcasted live. Nevertheless, fans can view a video that was posted on YouTube of the entire race.

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Man vs. Machine

What does this mean for the future of motto sports? The answer to this question is still not close. The Robocars and the software used are still in its infant stage of development. They are able to drive by themselves and compete against other cars, but are they ready to compete against a human?

The latest driverless vehicle has a cockpit and enough room for a person to sit inside and take over. The idea is that a real drive can take over the wheel at any time and drive the car. This means that we are not really too far off from an actual race between a human and a Robocar.

For now, no matter the result of such a race, we are probably going to get a new and innovative sport. Driverless racing could save lives and bring more entertainment. Who knows, maybe it brings something beneficial for the entire race one day.