Are you a true NASCAR fan? A real fanatic that knows all the interesting facts that follow the sport. If so this list should not be that surprising to you.

Nevertheless, it is here to refresh your memory and test out your NASCAR knowledge. Who knows, maybe there is something you missed along the years.

Also, newer fans can learn something new about the sport they love.

Dale Earnhardt, Sr’s Sacrifice

After the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr, NASCAR decided to implement some rule changes. At the 2001 Daytona 500 head and neck restraint became a requirement. Since then, no drivers have died at a NASCAR event.

Hairdresser to the Rescue

What makes racing cars cool are all the vinyl decals that are painted on them. However, to make them stick one has to use a hairdryer. So you were probably unaware that all the cool racing stripes are actually made possible with the help of a hairdresser.

The Very Beginning

Today, NASCAR is a spectacle held at enormous stadiums with a long race track that goes round and round. But during its beginnings, the race track didn’t resemble the technological wonder that we have today. In fact, the very first NASCAR event was held on a ¾ mile dirt road in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The First Woman Driver

Younger fans probably think that Danica Patrick was the first woman to sit behind the wheel of a NASCAR racer. However, those who are a little bit longer in the tooth will tell you that it was Janet Guthrie back in 1976. She competed at the Winston Cup event first and also was able to qualify for the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 both in 1977.

Never Flipped Over

Jimmie Johnson is one of the greats that NASCAR has to offer. He is a seven-time champion, made appearances on various TV shows and music videos, and has been featured on covers of the most popular magazines. Yet, he is somewhat underrated as he is always ranked below the likes of Earnhardt Sr. or Petty. Why? He never flipped over! All the greats have, especially at Daytona 500.

Zach Catanzareti / CC BY-SA (

Weight Exercise Training

If you are not able to lose any eight using a conventional method, become a NASCAR driver. It is a well-known fact that racers tend to lose a lot of weight during a single race. Some of them go as much as 10 to 15 pounds. Landon Cassill shared on Instagram that he lost 15 lbs and could have lost more hadn’t he consumed vast amounts of water during the race.

A Monkey Could Drive in NASCAR

It may sound like a joke, but a monkey could drive a NASCAR racer. At one point it did. Tim Flock used to drive with a monkey inside his car, appropriately called Jocko Flocko, as he thought it would give him an advantage. It actually did as it distracted other drivers. He used the monkey in eight races but when it started going berserk, Jocko Flocko was given his much-deserved retirement.